Taking an unplanned rest day…

I started having some severe right-side chest pain last night. It’s gotten better but hasn’t gone away. Heart rate is good. Pain isn’t traveling. I can breathe. So I think I pulled something.

Needless to say, taking it easy after some hard days (and a not so light active rest day) isn’t the worst thing for me. Although this is my first unplanned rest day from my normal 3 on 1 off schedule in quite some time.

Back at it tomorrow.

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Anonymous asked:

How long have you been crossfitting for? Your pretty damn amazing!!

Unofficially CrossFit Banks Answer:

Thank you, anon :)

I officially joined my first box in December of 2011. I trained for 2-3 days a week at first and then 8 months in, my gym closed. I did home WODs with Crossfit and OLY equipment for a long time. Started getting serious in 2013 with consistent schedule and nutrition. And rejoined a box in spring 2014.

Sorry, didn’t feel like I could answer this with “3 years” because it’s been such an interesting journey so far.

Reps at 115#

All I can say is that I make crazy faces when I lift.

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Max S2OH // 3rm BS // OHS + run

Be one with the bar 😉

Thanks to the hubs my shoulders got some serious conditioning. (I need it. My overhead game is weak.)

—open gym—

WARM: pass thru’s, 10x pushup complex, 5x skin the cat, active shoulders 3x10, 10x strict press 35#, 50 unbroken SU then 5:00 DU work


Max unbroken S2OH in the following sequence:

@ 115# = 7
@ 105# = 7
@ 95# = 8 
@ 85# = 8
@ 75# = 11
@ 65# = 13
@ 55# = 15
@ 45# = 18

Total = 87 reps

Only rest was changing weights. Sucked. Holy shit.

I wanted 20 so badly at 45#, but honestly it felt like 100#.

COOLDOWN: sit and rest while your arms slowly, sadly die.


WARM 2: 10x squat therapy, 10x good mornings 35#, 400m run, hip circles, crab walk, jump sprints

STRENGTH 2: 5x3 back squat

New 3rm 😄 !

12 OHS 95/65#
200m run

7:27 RXd

Unbroken squats, but they were shaky here and there. Usually I’m smoother. No resting, just go. I could have made up time starting with a full snatch but I wasn’t feeling it. I got the 2nd best time on the board and am pretty happy with that after all the volume yesterday and today prior to the wod.

Again, I come in and don’t look at the board. I check the clock once mid-wod to get a feel, and that’s it. I have to be comfortable pushing myself as hard as I can just because. And I am. And it’s working. And it’s so rewarding.

But of course I want the best score. We all do. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t. It’s not about beating everyone else to get there - it’s about being the best possible you to do it.

Delicious leftover Alaskan salmon with kerrygold-buttered cauliflower for dinner. And I’m going to have a Justin’s peanut butter cup too :)

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veelola thank you :) and yours will come back. For now you have such a cute baby bump!

gettingtorx hahaha. This is permanent. We moved our rig, nice bars, tire, box, jerk boxes, etc to the box we go to. Squat rack and weights with not so awesome bars are in the basement. Pull-up bars will stay in garage.




Happy Monday morning :) 

Time to walk the pups and get in some deadlift technique work before starting the work day.

You look perfect. Like everything. OMG so gorgeous!

😊 you’re so nice. Thank youuuu!



Happy Monday morning :)

Time to walk the pups and get in some deadlift technique work before starting the work day.

You look perfect. Like everything. OMG so gorgeous!

😊 you’re so nice. Thank youuuu!

KB snatches, goblet squat, run // Butterfly PU + BS EMOM

It’s been a fabulous Sunday so far. Great day of training. Good big class with lots of happy faces. That’s what I love.

WARM: 10x pushup complex, 10x squat therapy, 10x RDL single leg each, run 400, L-sit hold 0:20 x3 from bar, high knees, broad jumps, dodgeball

10 One-arm DB/KB snatch 35#
10 Goblet squats 53#
200m run
2 min. rest

7:38 as written.

Coach didn’t prescribe weights. I actually did my KB snatches correctly today and didn’t bang up my arm or break my elbow. Small wins. However, goblet squats were not fun.

The run was not fantastic with yesterday’s cheat meals still sitting in my stomach. Never again. I mean, it was buttered lobster for lunch, caramel bacon fat popcorn and burger with fries for dinner plus ice cream. A helluva cheat day for me. Normally I don’t go that far. And I don’t think I will again. Too much fat and grease.


12 min EMOM
Even: 8-10 butterfly pull-ups
Odd: Back squat 0:30 for reps @ 85#

Total reps: 134. 10 pull-ups each round and then 12 squats each round except the first, which was 14.

Chris programmed this for me because he’s “sick of reading my tumblr posts about starting a wod with butterfly and giving up on them.” And what do you know, I did 60 butterfly pull-ups. Round one was 8-2 staying on the bar, I just lost rhythm a bit. Then 6-1-2-1. After that I went from 5 to 5 to 4 to 3 max in a row at the beginning of each set.

Not so bad. I think I’m afraid of breaking it up in a wod like that because I feel like it’ll slow me down. But if I can do 5s then jumping down and back up may be faster than kipping. I just have to commit.

The squats were brutal. After 50 goblet squats and running in the wod my legs weren’t feeling it, but I tried to stay consistent.

3x5 hip snatches 35#

"All I want you to think about is dropping your ass like Lauren Fisher." - hubs (picture 😉)

And then mobilze and roll out for 20 min. My hip flexors are out of control. I could almost cry rolling them out.

I’m excited for this week of training.

Btw - had a Matcha latte with almond milk and honey… Tasted like grass. Not a fan. But it was good for me?

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